January 7, 2015

VIDEO: Turbo BARRA Ford Cortina Sleeper

A relatively simple yet highly effective engine conversion is updating the factory crossflow Ford six powered Cortina to the newer DOHC Barra engine as found factory fitted in the XR6 turbo. Antony’s Mark V / TF example is very neat and shows a real stock presence. While internally stock, the turbocharged six cylinder has some choice bolt ons that have enabled the street car sleeper to dip into the nine second bracket. Tuned by: Dyno-Mite Performance.

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  Dropping off the kids at school in record time! The only Australian made SUV, the Ford Territory finished up production last year. Available in both rear wheel and all wheel drive configurations, the big wagon was powere...
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VIDEO: 975hp Barra Powered Nissan R32 – By Haltech Heroes

This 1992 R32 GTS-t left Japan with a little RB20DET pushing it along. These days it terrorizes the neighbourhood with a growl usually associated with turbocharged Ford Falcons…. That’s because Dennis O’Malley...
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VIDEO: HSV-KILA Barra turbo by Atomic – BARRA THE WORLD !!

The Atomic Performance Products Ford EF Falcon in action at Heathcote Raceway. The Ford is powered by an Atomic Barra forged engine package and boosted by a Precision 68/70 turbocharger making around 1100hp. Atomic Performance ...
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