January 10, 2014

Plane crashes into dragstrip at Akureyri, Iceland August 5 2013

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Video released of small plane crashing on drag strip, killing 2 in Iceland 

Three people were aboard the doomed plane in Akureyri that clipped the ground and exploded into a fireball on Aug. 5. The pilot survived the crash, but two passengers died, and onlookers appear frozen at the tragedy they have just witnessed.

Video captures the horrifying moment that a plane crash-landed and exploded into a gigantic fireball at an Icelandic airport.
Two passengers were killed in the terrifying accident in Akureyri in August, but miraculously the pilot survived the devastating smash.


As the smoke billows from the crash, yellow-jacketed airport crew members race to the scene of the crash to help any survivors.

Footage released this week shows the ambulance plane banking hard, and at high speed, above the drag strip.
Passing the camera, it quickly loses altitude and spirals downwards into the ground.

Three people were aboard the flight, but only the pilot survived the fiery crash.

Exploding into flames, two ground crew staff members appear frozen in shock before they start sprinting toward the blaze. reports that the captain Paul Steindor Steindorsson and ambulance man Peter Robert Tryggvason both died. Pilot Axel Albert Jenson, however, survived.

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